September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

B.I.G. Love's 6th Annual 5K Fun Run
Event Starts:
Saturday September 28, 2013
@ 9:00am

Event Ends:
Saturday September 28, 2013
@ 11:00am


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Pearland Town Center, Pearland, Texas

11200 Broadway
Pearland, TX 77584

Start and Finish are at the Event Pavilion. There is a Water Fountain the kids can cool off in, so bring towels. Park near the big department stores, like Macy's, and walk to the Pavilion.

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Presented by:
B.I.G. Love Cancer Care

B.I.G. Love Cancer Care is a non-profit, 501c3 volunteer based organization which provides supportive care to Arkansas and Texas Children’s Hospital cancer patients and their families by way of weekly groceries, toys, parking passes, holiday gift baskets and meals, overnight accommodations and care bags.

ALL Sponsor Donations are Tax Deductible.

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B.I.G. Love’s 6th Annual 5K Fun Run





Thanks for all your support.


6:30 - 8:30 – registration - pick up t-shirts and numbers 

8:15 - 8:45 – cancer kids and family recognition 

9:00 – 5K Fun Run and Walk 

10:00 – kids mile  

10:20 – kids dash 

11:00 – awards, sponsor recognition, and raffle



4 Ways to Participate!

#1. Participate in the Races
Top three male and female finishers of each race will be awarded a trophy. All participating kids will receive a medal. Register online below!

#2. Compete as a TEAM or SCHOOL
Group together with your friends, co-workers or classmates to raise money for cancer kids. Fun Run registrations will count towards your Team Goal. The TEAM and SCHOOL who raises the most funds will be presented with a Trophy. Register with your TEAM or SCHOOL online below!

#3. Become an Event Sponsor

Sponsors are individuals, businesses, churches or organizations who wish to give a donation to help cancer kids in 2012. Simply choose a level of giving and complete a Sponsor Registration. Or Contact Us at biglovecancercare.org Today!

Sponsor Levels:
$50,000 Title Sponsor
$25,000 Courage Sponsor
$10,000 Faith Sponsor
$7,500 Love Sponsor 
$5,000 Strength Sponsor
$2,500 Hope Sponsor
$1,000 Believe Sponsor
$500 Peace Sponsor
$250 Joy Sponsor
$100 B.I.G. Love Sponsor

Sponsors who give $1000 or more: name recognition on shirts, banners, and all other publications for entire year as well as name signage along race route in Pearland. Invited to a donor appreciation reception at Rep. Dennis and Kim Bonnen’s house and will receive a special gift and shirts for those attending reception or fun run.

Sponsors($100-$500): Name recognition on fun run shirts, banners, and other publications as well as two fun run shirts. Must be present to receive shirt. 

Donate $25 - $99 – one shirt.  Must be present to receive shirt.

Booths for those who give $5000 or more or provide a service to the runners.


Deadline for Sponsors to be on the shirts: September 16th

Sponsor donations can be made online, just click Register Now! 

#4. Place a Childhood Cancer Sign in your yard

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Help us raise awareness by placing a sign in your yard or
painting your store front windows. Email Jessica at jessica@biglovecancercare.org if you are interested!


Yard sign pick up locations:


O'Day Hardware & Rental
6614 Broadway
Pearland, TX 77581

BIG Love Office
9130 Pecos St
Houston, TX 77055

Sunny Hearts
405 E Mulberry (Hwy 35)
Angleton, TX 77515

Guest List
Savannah Richardson

Aidan Abney

Derrick Abney

Holly Abney

Taylor Abney

Debbie Abney

Jim Abney

Gladstone Airewele

Beatriz Alanis

Yvonne ALbarran

Dexter Aldridge

Rhonda Alexander

Samantha Alexander

Sophia Alvarado

Atzi Alvarado

Susana Alvarado

Jessica Amezquita

Dana Anderson

Caylan Anderson

Nancy Anderson

James Anthony

James Anthony

Juliet Anton

Sarah Anton

John Anton

Sophia Anton

James Anton

Kristen Anton

Rosa Janette Arteaga

Katia Artiga

Patricia Ashcraft

Christina Aten

Kevin Bailey

Debbie Bailey

whitney baldwin

Monique Baldwin

Kelly Baldwin

Brian Ballard

Heather Ballard

Landon Ballard

Frank Barber

Cathy Barido

Richard Barido

Jessica Bateman

James Batson

Crystal Beck

Tiffany Becker

Michelle Beckermann

Christopher Beckermann

Yolanda Beech

Nick Belcher

Kristen Bell

Eileen Bember

Sydni Benso

Christopher Benso

Kellie Bentley

Jon Bentley

Candice Berger


HDR Engineering, Inc. Betts

Sean Bezecny

Kendal Bezecny

Julie Biles

Makenzie Biles

Delaney Biles

Craig Bischoff

Becky Blackstock

Hazel Boak

Amanda Bobb

Dennis and Kim Bonnen

Dennis Bonnen

Paige Borland

Christian borrero

Tori Brandum

Thomas Brandum

Townsend brenda

Brenda Bricker

Kacie Bridwell

Nicole Brin

Todd Brin

Henry Brin

Abigail Brin

Cheryl Broussard

AJ Brown

Anh Brown

Tim Brown

Ashley Brown

Tyson Brown

Linda Bruce

Cole Bruce

Hanna Bryant

Amy Bryant

Sarah Buchanan

Jennifer Buck

Taft Buck

Pat Buckenham

Afroz Burges

Michala Burns

Brandei Burridge

Teagan Bursnall

Olivia Bursnall

Jonathan Bursnall

Summer Bursnall


Debbi Butts

John Butts

Blessing Bvunzawabaya

MEGHAN Bvunzawabaya

ABIGAIL JOY Bvunzawabaya

DOUGLAS Bvunzawabaya

Jackie Caffee

Stephen Cagle

Angela Callahan

Linda Callander

Marcella Campana

Sharon Campana

Christina Campbell

Sandy Campbell

Tori Campbell

Laura Canamar

Marissa Cantu

DeAnna CarterSmith

Luis Casas

Adriana Castaneda

Jennifer Castillo

Kate Castle

Ryan Castle

Jane Chacko

Debbie Chacko


Shelia Chaney

Blaire Chapman

Laura Chapman

Lisa Chase

Janet Choate

Tenzin Chokey

Rick Chollett

Chris & Kathryn Christensen

Sunshine Citko-Molden

Ashley Clay

Suzanne Clevenger

Nate Cloutier

Natalie Cob

Kimberly Conlee

Kennedy Conlee

Elizabeth Contreras

Jose Contreras

Rhonda Cook

crystal cortez

Katie Crockett

Marissa Cruz

James Cuellar

Sophy Cyriac

Bouthaina Dabaja

Rylee Dallison

Lexie Dallison

Jackie Daniels

Kennedy Dann

Tatum Dann

Ross Darvilee

Laura Darville

James Davis

Maegen Davis

Lori Days on

Jose de Carlos

Daisy de Carlos

Brian Deaver

Melissa Deaver

Zoey Deaver

Adelaide Deaver

Logan Debose

Sierra Decker

Cody Decker

Robin Decker

Randy Decker

Debra Dees

Anneliese DeGrange

Nelda del Barrio

Kenn Depew

Dustin Derington

Joseph Dickerson

Doug Dickey

Ashley Dickey

Julie Dimitroff

John Dineen

Meghan Dismukes

Robert Dominguez


Lane Duncan

Taylor Duncan

Donald C. Dusek

Charity Eames

Allen Eames

Rosemary Eapen

Dustin Edwards

Russell Ehlinger

Amy Eichenlaub

Kevin Elbert

Sean Ellington

Katie Ellington




Lonnie and Suzanne Elliott

Cindy Escobar

Rodolfo Noel Escovilla

Crystal Espinoza

Noah Espinoza

Janeette Espinoza`

Rebecca Esposito

Ana Estelle

Jasmine Estelle


Marlana Faris

Colton Faris

Betsy Farkas

Tyler Farkas

Gaby Farkas

Rebekah Farmer

Joy Farmer

Kenneth Farmer

Brendon Farmer

Sabrie Farrow

Penny Featherston

Brian Felps

Oliver Fief

Phillip Figley

Nickolas Figley

Alicyn Finan

Alexia Finotello

erik fischer

Marissa Fitzpatrick

Kayce Fitzpatrick

Lynda Flores

Meagan Fondren

Jesse Ford

Christopher Forrest

Tatum Fotorny

Jordan Fowler

Amberly Francis

Lynette Frank

Hannah Fritsch

Janet Gabourel

Brenda Gage

Misti Gallaway

marisol gamboa

Hannah Gamboa

Deborah Gant

Reema Garach

Ethan Garcia

Nikki Garcia


John GArcia

Michael Garcia

Robert Gardner

Nancy Gardner

John Gartrell

Lacey Gartrell

Cooper Gartrell

Leah Gartrell

Lucy Gartrell

Freddy Garza

Elizabeth Garza

Zoraya Garza

Claudia Garza

Lesley Garza

Jake Gedeon

Emily George

Sam Gerhrig

Karen Gibbs

Cheasa Gibson

Belinda Gibson

Kenneth Gibson

Logan Gibson

Krystle Glass

Jacob Glover

Ellen Glover

Ashley Glover

Beth Golden

Stacey Gooden

Beverly Goodwin

Terrance Gouard

cindy Goux

larry goux

Leslie Grahmann

Delaney Gray

Michele Grayson

John Green

Holly Green

peni green

Katie Green

Emily Green

David Green

David Green

Caroline Green

Janice Green

Susanna Green

Michelle A. Grier Grier

carolina guerra

Patricia Guerra

Jacob Gutierrez

Sylvia Gutierrez

Arianna Gutierrez

Andrew guzman

Lisa Haas

Chad Haddock

shani hagelberger

holden hagelberger


Kelly Haley

Kelly Haley

Bryce Ham

Kennedy Hambrick

Julie Hambrick

Kelli Hamburg

Christabell Hamilton

Heather Handl

Emily Hannah

Steven Harader

Tyler Harden

Dana Harden

Zachary Harden

Daycie Harden

Cambry Harden

Ember Harden

Samantha Harn

Kandice Harris

Travis Harris

Linda Harvey

Jennie Haskett

Cynthia Haskett

Thelma Hawes

Logan Hay

Logan Hay

Liz Hayley

Amanda Heffner

Kaylee Hennigan

Kimberly Hennigan

Jessica Hernandez

Drew Heron

Abbey Heron

Colton Heron

Amber Heron

Anna Herzik

Diana Hessler

Paige Hessler

Gary Hessler

Alex Hettmansperger

Patricia Hickman

maria hightower

Kelsi Hillers

Derric Hinojosa

Reagan Hinojosa

Alicia Hinrichs

Brad Hinrichs

Jordan Hinrichs

Brandon Hinrichs

Sarah Hinson

Selina Hinson

Phillip Hirsch

Carol Hlavaty

Long Hoang

Steve Hoenig

Wendy Hoenig

Steve Hoenig

Veronica Hoge

Axel Hoge

Tammy Holbert

Jeff Holbert

Mark Holian

Tyler Holmes

Julia Holz

Sierra Hornberger

Kimberly Howell

Susan Howison

Amy Hudak

Kristen Huff

Joshua Hughes

Lee Hulsey

Emma Hunt

Sophie Hunt

Jenna Hunt

laurie hunt

kyle hunt

Joanna Infante

Shonda Ingle

Joseph Ingram

Denise Ipock

Frances Irvin

Garrett Irvin

Baylee Jackson

Dudley Jacob

Bri Jaso

Tami Jaso

Karla Jay


Angela Johnson

Rhonda Johnson

Olivia Johnson

Xavier Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Melanie Johnson

Kimbra Johnson

Danielle Johnston

Jason Johnston

Carole Jones

Taryn Jones

Kaci Jones

Jenny Judd


Barbara Kanegaye

Dennis Kanegaye

Nino Kar

Aaron Kaufman

Sheba Kavalayil

Alexander Kavalayil

Tyler Keeling

Kevin Keeling

Shelly Kelly

Lisa Kendall

Jennifer Kennedy

Ragan Kennedy

Alana Kennedy-Nasser

Juli Kettler

Tracy Kilpatrick

Rebecca Kimbrell

Raymond Kimbrell

Jackie King

Lynda King

Josh king

Bob and Judy Klein

Beth Klein

Eric Kleinhenz

Noah Kleinhenz

David Kleinhenz

Dustin Knight

Daniela Koontz

Lena Koshy

Linley Kowis

Ricky Kramer

Kristy Kramer

Veronica Kuhlman

Christopher Kunkel


Carla Labay

Nathan Lackey

Natalie Lackey

Tammy Lackey

Melinda Lackey

Beth Lackey

Melinda Lackey

Melinda Lackey

Kerry Lackey

Jason and Jackie Lackey

Gina Langlinais

patricia lankford

patricia lankford

Jim Larkin

Corbin Larson

Elaine Larson

Rene Latting


Rhonda Leaverton

Randy LeBlanc

Susan LeBlanc

Jamye LeBouf

Debra Lee

Susan Leining

Kelsey Levis

Neil Levis

Jennifer Lezak

Jennifer Lezak

Lillie Licklider

Kermit Licklider

Barbara Lindberg

Debra L Lindquist

Bailey Link

Courtney Lips

Leighana Locke

Parker Locke

Susan Loggins

Cristina Lopas

Melissa Lopez

Melissa Lopez

Christie Lostracco

Sara Lozano

Ashley Luker

Liz Lundin

Nicole Lusignan

Lawrence Lusignan

Viviana Luviano

Richard Ma

Alexandra MacMillan

Benjamin MacMillan

Bill Maher

Talena Main

Lynn Maki


Ryan Manes

Andrew Manes

Leslie Manley

Autumn Marble

Christopher Marciano

Valerie Markham


Katherine Mars

Bill Mars

Orian Mars

William Mars

Avianna Mars

Coral Mars

Jennifer Marshall


Cassie Martin

Suzelle Martin

Suzelle Martin

Matt Martinez


Brenda Martinez

Diane Martinez

Marissa Martinez

Jamie Martinez

karely Massey

Lou Mategrano

Marcus Mategrano

Thommicattle Mathai

Saramma Mathai

Beena Mathaikutty

Elizabeth Mathew

Wilson Mathew

Jolly Mathew

Julie Mathew

John Mathew

Josh Mathew

Roni Mathew

Resly Mathews

Riya Mathews

Cody Mathews

Tracy Mathis

Cristina Mayer

Joe McAbee

Ashley McAbee

John McBurney

Darlene McConathy

Lori Mcconathy

Brian McDonough

Julia McDonough

Daniel McGraw

Megan McGraw

Madison McInnis

Avery McInnis

Haley McNabb

Tyler McNabb

Annette McSpadden

Kelli McSpadden

Jared McSpadden

Jaxon McSpadden

Jed McSpadden

Don McSpadden

Nidia Medina

eduardo medina

Pablo Medina

Patricio Medina

Vicki Melass

Melinda Mellis

Roxanne Mendez

Roy Meredith

Sabrina Merrick

Chas Meyer

Sherri Middleton


Betsy Miller

Marcus Miller

Jonathan Miller

Chad Miller

Sandra Miller

Allison Miller

Greg Miller

Catherine Miller

Thomas Miller

Jane Miller

Anthony Miranda

Kelly Miranda

Ana Miranda

Lisa Mitchell

Gene Moeller

Olivia Moeller

Nicolas Moeller

Don Molden

Stephen Molfetta

Suzanne Molina

Crestina Montemayor

Valeria Montgomery

Gabrielle Montoya

Sophia Montoya

Joe Moore

Garrett Moore

Amy Moorhead

Madelynn Moreno

Amee Moreno

Kate Morgan

Kevin Moriarty

Matthew Moring

Rylan Morrison

Amy Moses

Dan Moses

Earl Mourning

Alice Murphey

Dona Murphey

Mattie Murphey

John Murphey

Brigitte Murphy

Ram Muthuvarathan

Eveline Nachtegaele

Robert Nachtegaele

Alyiah Navarro

Lilianna Neel

David Neu

Allie Neubauer

Christine Newman

Jayden Newman

Andrew Newman

Patrick Newman

Kham Nguyen

Martin Niedziejko

Craig Nisbett

Micah Nisbett

Ann Nisbett

Lexi Nowak

Wryn Nowak

Shay Olinger

Anna Olinger

Laura Olinger

Nina Olson

Kelli Ondracek

Sherry Oommen

Elizabeth Orlando

Heather Owen

Laura Owens

Adrienne Owens

Suzanne Page-Pryde


Theresa Pallardy

Lara Palmer

Aubrie Park

Lora Parker

Emily Parsons

Lindsay Parthum

Chloe Paul-Smith

Michael Pavlas

Shannon Payne

Joyceline Perez

Brooklyn Perez

Savannah Perez

Lauren Perkins

Kelly Perrin

RUBY Philipose

Jessica Phillips



Brian Pietragallo

Nicole Pietragallo

Chelsea Pinnix

Kristi Piper

Shane Pirtle

Rona Pless

Tonya Porter

Sierra Porter

Alyssa Porter

Karisa Porter

Alayna Porter

jacob prater

Danette Prater

Cassie Pratt

Paul Pratt

Melody Presswood

Susan Purcell Schlemeyer

Joe Ragland

Joe Ragland

Garrett Rains

Jason Rains

Holly Rains

Reni Raju

Mpho Raletshegwana

girish ramireddy

jyothi ramireddy

ravichand ramireddy

abhimanyu ramireddy

Eliana Ramirez

Raquel Ramirez

Rachel Ramos

Paul Ramos

Jeannie Reddan

Jill Reioux

Jenna Reioux

Cecelia Reist

Aden Rhone

Chelsea Rich

Alli Richardson

Alisa Richardson

Donna Rimato

Heather Rimato-Morrison

Francisco Rios

Brett Robertson

Reese Robertson

brian robinson

Andrea Rogatski

Rachel Rogatski

Dana Rogers

Shelley Rogge




Nicole Rosipal

Evan Rosipal

Julie Rowan

Brittany Rowan

Cailin Rowan

Corey Rowsey

Kellie Runkle

Billy Runkle

Justin Runkle

Sean Runkle

Mary Runkle

Bob Runkle

Amanda Saenz

Carolina Saenz

Carley Saladino

Mary saldivar

Gabrielle Saldivar

Abbas Salehpour

Kaukab Salem

Melissa Sanders

Philip Sandil

Maria Sandil

Jeremy Sandil

Carlo Sandil

Lino Sandil

Jessica Sanger

Hari Sankaran

Charles Sauter

Cameron Sauter

Lisa Savage

Antonio Scamardo

Jaelynn Scates

Scott Schleifman

Robyn Schleifman

Justin Schleifman

Abbey Schleifman

John Schoenbeck

Patty Schroeder

Matt Sebesta

Pearl Semetsa

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Carrie Shamblen

Morgan Shamblen

Kristopher Shawver

Jessica Shawver

Nikki Shealy

Karen Sheehan

Arya Shetty

Malika Shetty

Sonny Shetty

Jessica Shipp

Mandy Shu

Luis Sibrian

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Savian Singleton

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Stephen Smejkal

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Sandra Smith

katie Smith

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Harper Smith

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Ben Snowden

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Rachell Stanford

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Amanda Stokley

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Cindy Streeter

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Kyle Swaggard

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Chelsea Terry

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Keri Tew

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Anil Thomas

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Tessa Treat

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Stephanie Tumlinson

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Saraben Turner

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Madeline Turner

Lauren Turner

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Olin Valby

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Tyler VanHoutan

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Olivia Varanauski

Barb Varanauski

Nelson Varghese

Jane Varghese

Vincent Varghese

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Eric Varnado

Patty Varnado

Javier Vasquez

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John Veith

Rita Velasco

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Melyssa Vige

Maddox Vige

Erin Villasenor

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Karla Vinueza

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